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Tryout Information

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to attend both tryout dates? Yes, if possible, the more time your player has in front of the coaches the better, you do not need to register for both dates, and you only need to pay the $10 fee once.

When does the season start? We will start practicing soon after tryouts (except jr high girls who will start when their season ends) the girls tournament season starts in January and runs until June, however most teams finish in March or April. The boys season runs in the fall into December.

How much will it cost? We do not have set prices, there are many factors that determine each team costs, how many players are on the team, where and how often the team practices, and how many tournaments your team signs up for.  Teams on average pay between $550-650 but younger teams are usually less and older teams or the premier/open teams can be much higher.

How often will my team practice? Practice times are determined by the coach as well as gym availability, most teams will practice twice a week, some younger teams may only practice once a week and elite teams three times a week.

My child also plays xyz sport can they also play volleyball? Yes, we encourage multi-sport athletes, we obviously will do our best to work with schedules but we also need parents to be flexible, to make volleyball a priority, and try to get their player to each practice.  That is when we teach proper skills and if your player continually misses practices it will affect their ability to preform during the games.

Do we have a recreation style team? No, we do not have the coaching staff or gym facilities to run a weekly recreation program. There are currently only two Weber County Rec programs available for 12u age teams, Weber High School and Plain City, both are in the spring/summer.

Thank you so much for your interest and we look forward to working with our teams this year!!

Please contact us if you are looking for a team.

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